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Bimser International
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Your World-Class Partner for Digital Transformation Based in New York with a Global Presence

As your world-class partner for digital transformation, Bimser International is based in New York with a global presence. 


Since 1998, Bimser has been the enterprise software publisher of Synergy CSP: Native-Cloud Business Content Services Platform, eBA: Enterprise Business Automation Platform, BEAM: Enterprise Asset, Maintenance, Facility, Fleet and Energy Management Software, QDMS: Quality, Risk, Audit, and Compliance Management Software, Ensemble: Intelligent Business Process Modelling and Performance Management Software.

Bimser has 1000+ corporate clients and 2 Million+ professional software users.

Bimser International presents...

Proprietary Enterprise Software Products

Trusted by Global Brands, here is the proprietary enterprise software product line of Bimser International

Our Services


eBA logo.jpg

eBA is an enterprise level electronic business process automation platform. A powerful workflow engine supported by document management, capture and executive dashboard modules for digitization and automation is ready for your organization.


BEAM logo.jpg

BEAM is an enterprise asset, maintenance, facility, fleet and energy management software for smart companies.

BEAM is for you to manage your assets, periodic/preventive/predictive maintenance management operations.



QDMS is a quality, risk, audit and compliance management software. It helps you comply with quality management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, AS9100, BRC, SQF, ISO 22000 and many more.


Ensemble is an intelligent business process modelling, performance management and balanced scorecard management software for continuous improvement.

Ensemble Logo.jpg

Synergy CSP

Synergy is a low-code/no-code True-Cloud business process automation platform. It helps you manage your business processes in a paperless and digital work environment.


Contract Manager

eBA Contract Manager LOGO.jpg

The contract manager powered by eBA is a paperless contract management application for you to digitize and automate vendor and customer contracts in this digital age.



“BEAM has allowed manufacturing at GC America to dramatically improve on our work order requests program"  

Wesley Munoz
Engineering Senior Manager  of GC America

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Ready to find out more?

Bimser International is ready to help you adapt digital transformation. Let's get rid of paper and digitize your business processes with the best-in-class enterprise software product range of Bimser International.

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