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QDMS: Quality, Risk, Audit, Compliance and Integrated Management Software

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QDMS is an integrated management software that has been in the market since 1998. QDMS has 1000+ corporate clients and 1 Million+ professional software users.


Some analysts call what QDMS does quality management, or compliance management.  

We like to refer to QDMS as an integrated management software, because QDMS is ready for professional management at any company that targets all the departments of any company in addition to quality department. 


QDMS helps companies manage their quality management system and comply with quality management , compliance management and regulatory requirements nationally and internationally.  

You can manage on QDMS compliance operations regarding ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, AS9100, IATF 6949, SQF, BRC, BRC iop, ISO 22000, FDA, EMC, MDSAP, SOR, ITAR and many other quality and regulatory standards. 


  •  Take control of your business management operations in a paperless and 

     digital   work  environment,

  •  Comply with quality management standards paperless, digitally,

  •  Comply with regulatory standards paperless, digitally,

  •  Be ready for getting audited anytime,


  •  Increase efficiency,

  •  Increase productivity,

  •  Have continuous improvement at your company.

  •  Have a Vertical-Free integrated management software for any industry,

  •  QDMS supports corporate governance and increases efficiency,

  •  QDMS helps companies adapt changing times in the face of COVID-19 for

     remote work, setting performance criteria and performance management.


  • On-Premise friendly,

  • Cloud-friendly,

  • Single tenant,

  • Multi-location,

  • Multi-currency,

  • Multi-language,

  • Native mobile APP,

  • 1000+ corporate clients,

  • 1 million + professional users.​


  • Controlled document management module,

  • Internal customer complaint module,

  • External customer complaint module,

  • Corrective action module (CAPA),

  • Non-conformity management module,

  • Root-Cause analysis module,

  • Action management module,

  • Management review module,

  • Audit management module,

  • Training module,

  • Calibration module,

  • Incident management module,

  • Survey management module,

  • Suggestion management module,

  • Process risk management module,

  • Project risk management module,

  • Aviation risk management module,

  • Environment risk management module,

  • IT asset management module,

  • FMEA,

  • MSDS,

  • Quality control.


QDMS is vertical free. You can enjoy the benefits of QDMS  in any industry.



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Address : Bimser International HQ - 136 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor, #601, New York, NY 10016 USA

Phone      : (646) 722 3890    Email  : Bimserint@bimserint.com  

LinkedIn  : https://www.linkedin.com/company/bimser-international

Google Business : https://g.page/Bimser-International

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZArIz7hK7gFAF3hhsCOpA


Eventbrite Event Pages:  https://www.eventbrite.com/o/bimser-international-corporation-17817645523

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