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eBA Synergy CSP: True-Cloud Low-Code/No-Code Enterprise Business Process Automation Platform

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Content services platform (CSP) is an integrated platform that provides content-focused services, repositories, APIs, solutions and business processing tools to support digital business and transformation.


Cloud native is a term used to describe container-based environments. Cloud-native technologies are used to develop applications built with services packaged in containers, deployed as microservices and managed on elastic infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows.

Synergy is a low-code/no-code cloud-native content services platform.


Synergy is your platform to manage & automate your business processes, manage documents, content and collaborate digitally, safely, remotely in a native-cloud environment in this digital age.


  • Native cloud technology helps store, manage and retrieve data anywhere with easy-access, with NO server cost,


  • Automatic scalability and maintenance capabilities provide uninterrupted service and better customer experience,

  • Drag & Drop application development capability offers rapid application development experience,

  • Integration connectors simplify process of integrating to other application to pull/push data to avoid double-entry,

  • Operating-System Free (Windows, Linux, MacOS) architecture makes CSP available for any corporate customer,

  • SaaS pay-as-you-go sales model simplifies sales process for customers to sign up for free-trials, monthly/annual subscription for the platform or for apps on the platform,

  • Vertical-Free platform makes applications available for any industry,

  • CSP helps comply with quality standards and regulatory obligations and more,

  • CSP supports corporate governance and increases efficiency,

  • CSP helps companies adapt changing times in the face of COVID-19 for remote work, setting performance criteria and performance management.


“Low-Code/ No-Code Enterprise Automation and Workflow Platform”


  • Cloud-Native,

  • Server-Free,

  • Operating System-Free,

  • Multitenant,

  • Low-Code development capabilities to digitize & automate business processes rapidly in any industry,

  • Native mobile APP,

  • ​Multi-location,

  • Multi-currency,

  • Multi-language,

  • ​Security features,

  • Smooth integration with any modern ERP system,


  • Easy-To Use, User-Friendly interface,


  • Permission-Based with digital audit-trails,


  • Ready-Made reports,


  • Notification, reminders and escalations for continuous business improvement,


  • Modular structure for complete customer satisfaction.


Synergy is vertical free. You can enjoy the benefits of Synergy in any industry as follows:

  • Aerospace & Defense,

  • Aviation,

  • Automotive,

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance,

  • Cannabis,

  • Chemical,

  • Construction,

  • Distribution, eCommerce & Wholesale,

  • Energy, Oil & Gas,

  • Food & Beverage,

  • Healthcare,

  • Hospitals & Clinics,

  • Hospitality & Tourism,

  • Import/Export,

  • Life Sciences,

  • Logistics,

  • Manufacturing,

  • Marine,

  • Medical Device,

  • Mining & Metallurgy,

  • Not-For-Profit,

  • Packaging,

  • Pharma,

  • Professional Services,

  • Public sector & Public Asset Management,

  • Retail,

  • Technology,

  • Transportation and many more.


Synergy has the latest technology and it can integrate with many different  modern software systems.  It has already been integrated with:


  • SAP Hana ERP,


  • SAP Fiori ERP,

  • SAP One ERP,

  • Microsoft Dynamics F&O (AX) ERP,

  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (Navision) ERP,

  • Sage Intacct ERP,

  • Sage X3 ERP,

  • Sage 300 ERP,

  • Acumatica ERP,

  • MYOB Advanced ERP,

  • Cyma,

  • Odoo ERP,

  • Kofax RPA,

  • ABBYY,

  • Halo Smart Sensors,

  • And many more.


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